Starting A School?

Starting a School

The Trinity School is a new presence in the Harlingen area. The school will grow in phases (outlined below). Phase One will begin in April/May 2017.


If you would like to hear more about the program or the phases of starting The Trinity School then please come to our next Inquirer’s Meeting.


Our driving goal is to be a traditional, Christian school. For us that means, that we will be a 5-day school, offering an excellent education that grows children’s bodies, minds, and spirits, and does so with classically Christian values and principles.


The Phases and Benchmarks of Starting The Trinity School

Weekly Enrichment Event

Overview: A weekly gathering of parents and kids to engage in some of the non-academic aspects of a Charlotte Mason education (nature study, crafts, painting & drawing, music, Spanish, etc.). This will be open to any one regardless of their interest in participating further with The Trinity School.

(once all benchmarks are met, it is time to move to the next phase)
1) 4 parents who are interested in helping to start The Trinity School and are able to begin a 6-week (once a week) book study/discussion about the Charlotte Mason method and its distinctives.



Overview: This is a time to help foundational parents understand the Charlotte Mason model as well as to identify people who can assist with teaching and administration.

1) 2 of those who have participated in the book study who are willing to be a teacher’s aide.
2) 1 of those who have participated in the book study who is willing to undergo a more formal 3-day training in Fredericksburg, TX with Ambleside International and to assist with school administrative duties (this can be 1 of the 2 people in benchmark 1 or someone else).



Overview: Time to begin recruiting students and find a location.

1) For 1st-3rd grade classroom – 10 students able to pay full tuition* (max class size is 16)
or for Kindergarten – 8 students (max class size is 12)
2) A sufficient location** is identified and acquired


Start Kindergarten

Start 1-3rd Grade Classroom

Note: Phase 4A and Phase 4B stand independently. If a kindergarten is started first, priority will be given for the following school year to starting the 1st-3rd grade classroom rather than maintaining kindergarten. If a 1st-3rd grade is started first, priority will be given to having a 4th grade option for the following school year (if needed). In other words, we will work to ensure that children who start at the school can stay at the school.



* Full Tuition – The rates are subject to change but currently are to be expected in the following range:
Kindergarten (3day) – $2340 ($195/mo)
1st – 3rd Grade (5day) – $5100 ($425/mo)

** There are particular requirements of outdoor space for a Charlotte Mason school along with any County or City Fire Codes. The school could begin in an appropriately sized and located home but an independent location would be preferable. Acceptable locations will be in the shaded area below: