School Director

School Director

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The Trinity School is accepting applications for the role of School Director.  Our candidates must be eager to learn an holistic, classical form of Christian education based on the Charlotte Mason method.

Our School:

About Harlingen:

The Trinity School opened its doors for its first Kindergarten class in the Fall of 2017. Over the past years we have developed into an exceptional program that offers Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. We utilize a unique approach to Christian education that is both traditional and innovative. We are in the process of transitioning to a parent led school board and looking for a School Director.

Harlingen is a town of about 75,000. We are approximately 15 miles from the Mexican border and around 30 miles North of the southernmost part of the continental U.S. (we’re about the same latitude as Miami). We are about 45 minutes from South Padre Island and within 30 minutes from some of the best coastal fishing in America. We’re one of the top retirement areas in the country with another 100,000 “winter Texans” coming down for the months of December – April. If you’ve never been to the Rio Grande Valley – it’s a whole other world.

Charlotte Mason

Educational Philosophy

  • We believe that children are created as persons and in the image of God. All children have vast potential for a full life and diverse interests.
  • Education is a discipline. Our lives and character are shaped by our habits. Our goal is to train children in habits which will serve them well for their entire lives.
  • Education is a life. Real learning happens when students wonder, ask why, and see how. The Trinity School uses a carefully selected curriculum to engage students in the pleasure of learning.
  • Education is an atmosphere. Children learn best when they are at peace. An atmosphere of joyful acceptance and togetherness is necessary for a child to grow and thrive.

Curriculum Overview

Our students build personal relationships with God’s creation, with great men and women of history, and with the great ideas expressed in each of their subjects.

At The Trinity School, we spread a rich feast in front of the children with more than sixteen curriculum areas. Short lessons allow children to remain alert and interested throughout the day. Our students build personal relationships with God’s creation, with great men and women of history, and with the great ideas expressed in each of their subjects: not learning a slight or incomplete smattering about this or that subject, “but plunging into vital knowledge, with a great field before him which all his life he will not be able to fully explore.”

Our school day is structured to take advantage of the natural rhythms of a child’s day. Disciplinary subjects requiring the greatest concentration are scheduled for mid-morning, when children are usually most refreshed. We also alternate between disciplinary subjects like mathematics, penmanship, phonics, or grammar, and inspirational subjects like Bible, history, literature or science so that the children are able to enjoy the refreshment variety brings.

As persons, all children at The Trinity School:

  • experience a broad, rigorous curriculum.
  • calculate, solve, attend, explore, ponder, recite, paint, and sing.
  • are held to a high standard in relationship to self, others, ideas, and work.
  • learn without the external motivation of grades, rewards, punishment, or manipulation.
  • participate actively in the learning process each day.
  • learn to complete punctual, accurate, neat, work.
  • demonstrate complex thought, mastery of material, and academic skill.
  • receive support as they master the habits of a life well-lived.
  • encounter a wealth of ideas and knowledge in well-written books.
  • complete tasks worthy of their attention, time, effort, and thought.

Below is a sampling of The Trinity School coursework:
Inspirational Subjects

  • Bible • Composer Study • History Readings • Nature Study • Picture Study • Poetry
  • Read Aloud • Tales and Fables/Myths and Legends

Disciplinary Subjects

  • Arithmetic • Art • Geography • Handicraft • Handwriting • Phonics/Reading • Instruction
  • Recitation • Music • Spanish • Physical Education

Nurtured Heart

In our classrooms we utilize The Nurtured Heart Approach to guide our classroom discipline. We proactively notice and name our students’ greatness and use community-building circles to create a tight-knit classroom environment.

When a rule is broken, we highly prioritize the relationship between students, their peers, and their teachers, and our initial response to misbehavior is a restorative conversation. If a misbehavior continues or begins to disrupt other students’ learning, we require that parents and teachers work together as a team to help our children obtain a high level of discipline.

Parents will be expected to address discipline issues at home with their children, and a Habit Formation Plan may be implemented at school to address patterns of misbehavior.


  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field 
  • Practices principles of Christian growth including prayer, scripture, church attendance and discipleship
  • Work in a traditional Christian environment.
  • Willing to learn and practice the Charlotte Mason approach to education.
  • Willing to learn and practice Nurtured Heart as a disciplinary method for the school

Board Relations

  • Monthly School Board Agenda, Financials and other Reports
  • Monthly communication with Board President and Board of Trustees
  • Carryout all board policies
  • Leads fundraising efforts as directed by the board 

Operations and Programs

  • Create and nurture a competent management team, delegating equitable workloads for all
  • Work to ensure smooth day to day internal operations
  • Design, implement and administer student programs and services appropriate to the school’s mission
  • Holds general operating responsibility for the safety and well-being of all students under the school’s jurisdiction                                                 
  • Approves and administers rules and procedures governing the student body
  • Cultivate relationships to recruit potential staff. Oversee professional development. 
  • Willing to coach and lead teachers 
  • Able to collaborate with our team as our program grows.
  • Oversee and evaluate curriculum and student progress 

Hours and Compensation

  • Hours for the School Director position will be from 7:30am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday
  • Pay based on qualifications
  • Teacher will participate in training courses in July prior to the start of school.

We have a dynamic team and a growing program with engaged families. Our approach to education allows for a satisfying learning experience for both teacher and student.

To apply:

  • Look over the school website and get a good feel for what we’re up to.
  • Read the Charlotte Mason Overview
  • Read the Nurtured Heart Overview
  • Read the Job Requirements
  • Fill out our Job application

What will happen next:

  • The Trinity school board will review your information.
  • We will conduct interviews with our second round candidates