School Day #96

Remember we have a Kindergarten Zoom Call at 11 AM today! We will be sharing a letter that you have built out of any toy or natural item close by. And we are looking for volunteers to recite Stars for their class!

Enjoy Day #96 of school!

  • Morning Prayer – 10 minutes


To start Morning Prayer, just press play on the audio bar below. We invite you to participate alongside your child.

Sing along before beginning Motor Lab.

  • Motor Lab Stretches – 5 minutes


  • Area designated as a “river”
  • Something to serve as a “towel” such as a terry cloth, ball of yarn, sponge, knobby ball

Key Activity: Do 3 Popcorns with your child.

Motor Lab Activity: Do Swim and Dry twice with your child. Cool down before beginning your morning lessons.

Review the 4 Key Activity stretches here if you need a refresher.

  • Calendar and Weather Activities – 10 minutes


  • Calendar Packet

Review the calendar OR weather portion with your child. OR, if they are interested, complete the whole thing! Experiment with what activities and what timing work best for your family.

  • Phonics – 10 minutes


  • Letter Y Picture – Please open this document so you and your child can study the picture together
  • Y Letter Search Page
  • Crayon or pencil

Click the video below and watch along with your child.

Prompt your child to complete the letter Y search page before they find an object that begins with the letter Y.

  • Upload A Letter Bag Photo – 5 minutes

Once your child has found an item that starts with the letter “y”, please take a picture of them and upload it on the Mighty Network!

  • Math – 15 minutes


  • Half sheet of numbers
  • Pencil
  • Abacus
  • Abacus cards

Warm-up: Prompt your child to trace and write the numbers 6, 8, 9 and 0 on their half sheet using their best handwriting. Please turn this sheet in on Friday.

Then click the video below and watch along with your child.

Have your child read the following numbers and build them with their abacus cards. Please let them read it instead of you reading it aloud as we are working on recognition of numbers in the 100s.

  • Dance – Shabbat Shalom – 5 – 10 minutes

Practice the footwork for Shabbat Shalom standing in a line.

Watch from 0:00 – 1:35

  • Free Play – 30 minutes

  • Handwriting – 10 minutes


  • Stars in the Sky Sheet
  • Crayons

Watch the video and follow the instructions to complete this sheet. Please turn this page in on Friday.

  • Doing Words – 5 minutes


  • Previous Words
  • Tan lined strip of paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Complete another Doing Words exercise with your child. See this video for a demonstration by Erica and Zenie.

  • Recitation – Nursery Rhymes – 5 – 10 minutes

Read Mary Had a Little Lamb aloud to your child, purposefully leaving out words so that they may fill them in for you. Then reverse the game and ask them to say the rhyme, leaving out words for you to fill in!

This is the recitation piece we will be sharing on Zoom next week.

Recitation Tip: If your child is getting antsy, let them try to act out the nursery rhyme while you read it. They will be learning it, even if their body is moving!

  • Geography – Map of My Backyard – 15 minutes


  • Map of My Backyard Blank Sheet
  • Pencil and colored pencils or crayons
  • 3 pennies or other “treasures”

Prompt your child to draw a map of their backyard.

Remember: A kindergarten map should look more like a picture than an aerial view map! Draw an example to show them, drawing the backyard as if you were looking straight at it, not from above.

Once they are done, have them hide three pennies or other treasures in their backyard and mark where they are hidden on their map.  Have them share their map with a family member and see if they can find the hidden objects. 

Geography Tip: You can switch roles and do this activity again! This time you can draw a quick map, hide the treasures and have your child try to find them using your map.

Please turn in your child’s map on Friday so we can add it to their end-of-year portfolio.

  • Literature – 15 minutes

Ask your child what they remember from yesterday’s story. What happened to Brer Rabbit yesterday? Then listen along as Mrs. Resendez reads Chapter 3.

Congratulations on finishing your week! We learned how to add 100s today and made maps of our backyard. You can always make another map and plan another treasure hunt for your parents or siblings. See you next week!

As always, reading with your child in the evenings is a great way to grow their mental word bank and fluency, and they may want to show their Math Card Deck to a parent or sibling after dinner!

If you find yourselves with more free time, please refer to our Additional Resources page for some great websites to explore.

See you next week for School Day #97.