School Day #79 – The last day of March!

Hello Trinity School parents and students. Happy first official day of The Trinity School online for our Kindergarten students!

Parents, in case you missed it, below is a quick video from Sara about scheduling your day and creating a school space at home.

We pray you have a blessed first day of online school.

  • Morning Prayer – 10 minutes


  • Morning Prayer booklet
  • Psalm 4 sheet

To start Morning Prayer, just press play on the audio bar below. We invite you to participate alongside your child.

We’ll start our new hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness, next week. In the meantime, you may sing along with On Christ the Solid Rock before you begin your Motor Lab stretches.

  • Motor Lab Stretches – 5 minutes

Do 3 Popcorns and 3 Rocking Horses with your child! Review the 4 Key Activity stretches here if you need a refresher.

  • Phonics – 15 minutes


  • 5 small toys like wooden blocks or toy cars
  • Capital letter M craft sheet
  • Crayons (yellow and brown)
  • Washable brown marker
  • Optional: Yellow construction paper and hole punch

Click the video below and watch along with your child.

  • Everything Math Card Deck Introduction Video – 5 minutes
  • Math Games – 15 minutes

Materials (see pictures below)

  • Set #1 – 1 through 10 shape cards
  • Set #2 – 1 through 10 dot cards (Optional)
Set #1 – Shape Cards
Set #2 – Dot Cards

Have your child put Set #1 in numerical order from left to right. If they are struggling, start them with 1 through 5 before adding in 6 through 10. If they want are eager to continue, they may put Set #2 in numerical order from left to right.

  • Music – Folk Songs – 5 – 10 minutes

Watch and sing along to Home on the Range or Alligator Hedgehog or both! Then try it without looking at the video!

  • Free Play – 30 minutes

This is a great chance to pause for a snack, outdoor or creative play, or even lunch, depending on your family’s schedule. Your child has been working hard, and we want to honor their diligent work with a brain and body break!

  • Recitation – Hymn – 5 – 10 minutes

Turn on Great is Thy Faithfulness and allow your child to listen to it however they would like. They may sit with their eyes closed, gently move, or watch the lyrics on the video. If they seem antsy, just listen to the first verse and move on. Then, during a quiet moment in the afternoon, turn the song on in the background.

Want more hymns for this lesson or to play in the afternoon? We have learned On Christ the Solid Rock and This Is My Father’s World this year and enjoyed Blessed Assurance last year.

  • Nature Study – 15 minutes


  • Nature Study page from materials packet
  • Pencil for writing the date and the name of the specimen
  • Water colors, colored pencils, crayons or charcoal

Have your child find a nature specimen that they would like to observe. Prompt them to draw their specimen inside the box on the Nature Study page from the materials packet. This process will feel very similar to the take-home Nature Journaling your children did in January and February.

We will be collecting this drawing on Friday at materials pick-up and pasting it into their school Nature Journal. 

  • Literature – 15 minutes


  • A great book

For this week, choose a good book to read each day with your child. Next week, we will continue reading The Adventures of Winnie-The-Pooh together.

This concludes our Tuesday lessons! Your child is welcome to continue any of the lessons they did today if they are interested. For example, they could listen to and sing along with their folk songs or hymn while they play or they could add more detail to their Nature Journal Entry.

As always, reading with your child in the evenings is a great way to grow their mental word bank and fluency, and they may want to show their Everything Math Card Deck to a parent or sibling after dinner!

If you find yourselves with more free time, please refer to our Additional Resources page for some great websites to explore.

See you tomorrow for School Day #80.