School Day #84

Remember we have a Kindergarten Zoom Call at 11 AM today!

Congrats, parents: it’s the last day of Week 2 of online school! Thanks for your hard work over these past two weeks. It was so fun to look at everything your children are doing at home. Here are two Nature Journal entries from last week!

A sparrow and a Mexican Flame Vine in two kindergartener’s Nature Journal entries.

Form 1 does not have school on Good Friday or Easter Monday but you may look at their classroom page on Friday and Monday for Morning Prayer and activities to celebrate Holy Week at Home.

Enjoy Day #84 of school!

  • Morning Prayer – 10 minutes


  • Morning Prayer booklet
  • Psalm 4 sheet
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness lyric sheet

To start Morning Prayer, just press play on the audio bar below. We invite you to participate alongside your child.

Please sing along to the first verse and chorus of Great Is Thy Faithfulness. You may stop after the first chorus or continue to listen to the rest of the song.

  • Motor Lab Stretches – 5 minutes

Roll a dice or pick slips of paper to decide which of the 4 Key Activity stretches your child will do today! Review the 4 Key Activity stretches here if you need a refresher.

  • Calendar and Weather Activities – 10 minutes


  • Calendar Packet

Review the calendar OR weather portion with your child. OR, if they are interested, complete the whole thing! Experiment with what activities and what timing work best for your family.

  • Phonics – 15 minutes


  • Letter N Picture – Please open this document so you and your child can study the picture together.

Click the video below and watch along with your child.

  • Upload A Letter Bag Photo – 5 minutes

Once your child has found an item that starts with the letter “n“, please take a picture of them and upload it to the N Letter Bag post on the Mighty Network!

  • Math – 15 minutes


  • Abacus
  • 2 sets of cards numbers 1 – 9

Please complete at least two of the activities below as an abacus warm-up before playing the video:

  1. Instruct your child to count by 1s to 20, starting with 1. They should move one bead, say the number and repeat until they reach 20.
  2. Instruct your child to count by 2s to 20, starting with 2. This time, they should move two beads at a time, say the number and repeat until they reach 20.
  3. Instruct your child to count by 10s to 100, starting with 10. They should move ten beads at a time and say either the math name (1-ten, 2-ten, 3-ten, etc) or the number name (ten, twenty, thirty, etc) until they reach 100.

Help your child finish saying the equations out loud and then play Tens Memory from yesterday if you have extra time.

Please bring your child’s half sheet of math problems from Tuesday’s lesson to school tomorrow at Materials Pick-Up.

  • Dance – Shoo Fly – 5 – 10 minutes

Review and practice the variation for 2 people. You may skip the variation for more than 2 people.

Dance Tip: If your child is getting antsy, just practice the second step – the partner turns. We’ll revisit this dance next week! One step at a time (literally).

  • Free Play – 30 minutes

  • Recitation – Nursery Rhymes – 5 – 10 minutes


Recite Peter, Peter, Pumpkin-Eater with your child. Then review the nursery rhyme your child practiced last week. Can they recite it correctly? If they are ready, have your child practice performing it, speaking slowly and clearly while standing with their hands at their sides.

Ask your child to share their nursery rhyme with their parent or take a video and send it to a grandparent. You can even upload it on the Mighty Network!

Recitation Tip: If your child is getting antsy, let them try to act out the nursery rhyme while you read it. They will be learning it, even if their body is moving!

  • Geography – 20 minutes

Materials from school packet

  • Geography Lesson 1 Kindergarten blank sheet
  • Ecological Regions of Texas sheet
  • Colored pencils
  • Pencil

Look at the Ecological Regions of Texas sheet with your child and read the 8 different regions labeled. Find the South Texas Plains region, and have your child color this region.

This is the region where we live so we are going to learn about it today. Watch the video below, taking note of the different animals and birds you see!

Help your child choose one bird or animal from the video. Find a picture of the animal to study and then have them do their own drawing on their Geography Lesson 1 sheet. See if you can find out: 

  1. What the animal’s home looks like
  2. What it eats
  3. Something else interesting about the animal

Prompt your child to draw a picture of these things along with their picture of the animal OR help your child write the information next to the picture. Allow them to share what they learned about the region and the animal with a family member. 

Please bring your child’s picture to school tomorrow at Materials Pick-Up.

Optional Afternoon Activity: Color the Green Jay accurately!

  • Literature – 15 minutes

Listen along as Mrs. Resendez reads to us from The Adventures of Winnie-The-Pooh. In today’s reading, we will begin Chapter 5 in which Piglet meets a Heffalump!

Thanks for another great day of learning, Kindergarten families! Your child may want to play Tens Memory again or continue working on their Geography drawing this afternoon during quiet time. Have a restful afternoon, and we’ll see you tomorrow at Materials Pick-Up.

If you find yourselves with more free time, please refer to our Additional Resources page for some great websites to explore.

Enjoy your Easter Break.

See you next week for School Day #85.