This is Heading 2 bolded and black.

This is Heading 2 not-bolded and not black.

  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3
  • List Item #4
  • Is this list different?
  • Than the list above?


  • Morning Prayer – 10 minutes


To start Morning Prayer, just press play on the audio bar below. We invite you to participate alongside your child.

Sing along before beginning Motor Lab.

  • Motor Lab Stretches – 5 minutes


  • Small ball that your child can roll with one hand – tennis ball, plastic ball, etc.

Key Activity: Do 3 Giraffe stretches with your child.

Motor Lab Activities: Do Finger Ball Roll with your child.

Review the 4 Key Activity stretches here if you need a refresher.

  • Calendar and Weather Activities – 10 minutes


  • Calendar Packet

Review the calendar OR weather portion with your child. OR, if they are interested, complete the whole thing! Experiment with what activities and what timing work best for your family.

  • Phonics – 10 minutes


  • Parent Instructions
  • All three pages of The Little Red Hen
  • Thursday sentence (with words cut up)
  • Word Journal
  • Pencil

Follow Thursday’s sentence ordering steps on the Parent Instruction Page and/or follow along as Mrs. Resendez demonstrates the steps in the video below.

Play with the words with your child for 3 minutes. Then write the words down that they can read in their Word Journal.

Your child should be able to read all of the words in their Word Journal with confidence. This is a great way to keep track of words they learn to read over the summer! And remember to always keep revisiting these words.

  • Math – 15 minutes

Click the video below and watch along with your child.

  • Dance – Shabbat Shalom – 5 – 10 minutes

Dance to Shoo Fly or Shabbat Shalom.

  • Free Play – 30 minutes

  • Handwriting – 10 minutes


  • Purple Coloring Page
  • Purple Crayon

Watch the video and follow the instructions to complete this sheet.

  • Doing Words – 5 minutes


  • Previous Words
  • Tan lined strip of paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Complete another Doing Words exercise with your child. See this video for a demonstration by Erica and Zenie.

  • Recitation – Nursery Rhymes – 5 – 10 minutes

Send Ms. Neuder a video of your recitation of Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Recitation Tip: If your child is getting antsy, let them try to act out the nursery rhyme while you read it. They will be learning it, even if their body is moving!

  • Pressed Flowers Handicraft – 15 minutes


  • 1 card, labeled and with pressed plant glued in the frame
  • Pencil or Colored Pencils

We are in the process of making greeting cards using pressed plants that we have studied this year. Please go back to Tuesday’s lesson if you did not complete the first step.

Write a note to a friend or family member or dictate a message to your parents. Send your card to them. You have three more cards that you can write to friends and family throughout the summer!

  • Literature – 15 minutes

Free read for 15 minutes this afternoon or evening.

Congratulations, students and parents, on finishing the school year strong, including 9 weeks of online school! We did it!

See you tomorrow at our End of Year Recognitions!