Traditional Christian, Charlotte Mason, Private School Education in Harlingen, Texas Cameron County
somewhat similar in approach to Montessori, Waldorf, or Classical School programs
we offer a Traditional Christian, Anglican, well-rounded education

Kindergarten Class Using the Charlotte Mason Method of Education at The Trinity School

Traditional Christian, Charlotte Mason Education for the Rio Grande Valley

Over the course of their school years, your child will spend roughly 12,000 hours in a classroom. Second only to his parents, a child’s teachers will have the greatest impact upon his formation. What are your goals for your child? What sort of classroom do you envision for your child? What sort of family life do you hope to cultivate?

Hands on mathematics education done in a small classroom setting of a private Christian traditional education

In our classrooms, we will love your child and value him as a person created in the image of God. We will inspire her by exposing her to the good, the true, and the beautiful through our rich and rigorous curriculum. We will hold him to a high standard as he learns to work hard and to delight in struggle. We will help her to form the habits of mind and body necessary for success in life. We will assign work that is challenging and worthy; work for which they may be proud. Every day at The Trinity School, your child will calculate, solve, attend, explore, ponder, recite, serve, create and sing. At the end of the day, we will return your child back to you with a full mind and a full heart.

Kids learning with parents volunteering to teach our children about the world God has made and a life of learning about it

Over the weeks, months and years at The Trinity School – you will begin to notice welcome effects on your family life at home – children share around the dinner table, with delighted eyes, the wonders of insects learned in their entomology lesson or the inspiration gained from hearing one of the symphonies of Joseph Haydn. They can often be found outdoors surrounded by “old friends” they have become acquainted with through Nature Study.

Our children learn from doing and being actively involved in the learning process

The richness of The Trinity School becomes a springboard for all of life for our families. As we grow in community with one another, we encourage each other along the way. Parents gather to discuss great books, mothers gather for coffee and conversation, whole families enjoy times of service, prayer, and recreation together. It is a lovely way of life. Won’t you join us?If you are interested in learning more about whether The Trinity School and the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education is right for your family, we invite you to visit us at our next Inquirer’s event.