Hi Trinity School Parents! Welcome to our online daily lesson plan format. Below you will find resources to join us for Morning Prayer and Motor Lab stretches today and tomorrow. 

Next week we will add reading/phonics, math games, music and recitation. Each week, we will strive to add more subjects to fill your child’s day with delightful learning.

In the meantime, we have compiled a list of FANTASTIC resources for you to explore with your child over the next few weeks. You may access that list here.

We have a lot of great things coming, and we look forward to seeing you (virtually) soon! 

  • Intro to Morning Prayer – 5 minutes
  • Morning Prayer – 10 minutes

Click here to access a PDF of the Morning Prayer booklet. We will send out a paper copy with next week’s materials.

To start Morning Prayer, just press play on the audio bar below.

  • Intro to Motor Lab Video – 5 minutes
  • Learn the 4 Key Activity Stretches – 5 minutes
  • Motor Lab Stretches – 5 minutes

Practice Superman and Giraffe with your child.