School Day #81

Parents, check out Erica’s video on Quiet Baskets for ideas on independent activities for your children to work on in between or after their lessons.

Enjoy Day #81 of school!

  • Morning Prayer – 10 minutes


  • Morning Prayer booklet
  • Psalm 4 sheet

To start Morning Prayer, just press play on the audio bar below. We invite you to participate alongside your child.

We’ll start our new hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness, next week. In the meantime, you may sing along with This Is My Father’s World before you begin your Motor Lab stretches.

  • Motor Lab Stretches – 5 minutes

Do 3 Popcorns and 3 Rocking Horses with your child! Review the 4 Key Activity stretches here if you need a refresher.

  • Phonics – 15 minutes


  • Letter M Picture – Please open this document so you and your child can study the picture together.

Click the video below and watch along with your child.

  • Upload A Letter Bag Photo – 5 minutes

Once your child has found an item that starts with the letter m, please take a picture of them and upload it to the M Letter Bag post on the Mighty Network!

  • Math Games – 15 minutes

If you missed it, here is Sara’s brief tutorial on the Everything Math Deck and how to divide it up into manageable sets of cards for your child to play with.


  • Set #1 – 1 through 10 shape cards
  • Set #2 – 1 through 10 dot cards
Set #1 – Shape Cards
Set #2 – Dot Cards

Watch this short video for tips on how to play Memory with the shape and dot cards!

  • Dance – Shoo Fly – 5 – 10 minutes

Watch and practice the variation for 2 people. You may skip the variation for more than 2 people.

Dance Tip: If your child is getting antsy, just practice the first step – walking in and out to a count of 4. We’ll revisit this dance next week! One step at a time (literally).

  • Free Play – 30 minutes

This is a great chance to pause for a snack, outdoor or creative play, or even lunch, depending on your family’s schedule. Your child has been working hard, and we want to honor their diligent work with a brain and body break!

  • Recitation – Nursery Rhymes – 5 – 10 minutes


Ask your child to recite Peter, Peter, Pumpkin-Eater. Then read the two other rhymes on the page to them. Ask your child to choose one to practice and read it to them 3 times!

Recitation Tip: If your child is getting antsy, let them try to act out the nursery rhyme while you read it. They will be learning it, even if their body is moving!

  • Handicraft – Resurrection Garden – 15 minutes

Materials from school packet

  • Potting soil
  • Seeds
  • Small terra cotta pot

Click on this link for instructions on how to make a Resurrection Garden with your family! Parents with a Form 1 and kindergarten student, please make one Resurrection garden for the whole family.

A few tips:

1. You don’t need to glue anything; instead just set it all in place.
2. Dig dirt or use sand and rocks from their yard for most of it and then use the potting soil we give you on the top.
3. Use a spray bottle to spritz it twice a day and keep it in the sun but out of direct sun.

  • Post a picture of your child/ren and their Resurrection Garden – 2 minutes

Once you have finished your Resurrection Garden, post a quick picture on The Mighty Network with your child and their garden! We can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  • Literature – 15 minutes


  • A great book

For this week, choose a good book to read each day with your child. Next week, we will continue reading The Adventures of Winnie-The-Pooh together.

That’s it for today’s lessons. Choose a spot for your family’s Resurrection Garden and make it a task for your children to water it. Ideally, the grass will sprout by Easter!

As always, reading with your child in the evenings is a great way to grow their mental word bank and fluency, and they may want to show their Math Card Deck to a parent or sibling after dinner!

If you find yourselves with more free time, please refer to our Additional Resources page for some great websites to explore.

See you tomorrow for School Day #81.